We started a Facebook page and this website to enable people to share their ideas about Britain after Covid. The Prime Minister has talked of leading a wartime economy "We are engaged in a war against the disease which we have to win." Chancellor Rishi Sunak told a press conference it was an "economic emergency. Never in peacetime have we faced an economic fight like this one."

Covid-19 will take some time to defeat the UK and around the world. The post-war settlement is yet to be decided. The Adam Smith Institute is campaigning to ensure that there is "a programme for the systematic removal of the emergency measures". They want to "go further, going beyond the status quo that prevailed before the emergency, and removing some of the restrictions that held back our adaptation to the new economy. And we should undo the nanny state restrictions that thwarted our right to make our own lifestyle decisions concerning what we eat and drink and choose to live. After winning the war, this time we must win the peace."

While the news agenda is understandably dominated by the current war, we need too to worry about the peace. We established this site to facilitate discussion about how we want Britain to be "after covid". What lessons for the future should we learn from our experience during the "Covid War".

Titus Alexander
Titus founded Democracy Matters, an alliance for learning practical politics, a national campaign for family learning and Charter 99, a campaign for global democracy. His is author of Practical Politics and other books. Titus Alexander.com 

Harold Goodwin
Harold is MD of the Responsible Tourism Partnership which works to make tourism better for communities in destinations and for tourists and Professor Emeritus at MMU. haroldgoodwin.info

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What lessons for the future should we learn from our experience during the "Covid War" and how might they be realised?
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