Visions for Post-Covid Britain

May 13, 2020
Harold Goodwin

Justin Francis CEO of Responsible Travel
I have a very strong feeling that we are absolutely NOT all in this together when it comes to the tourism COVID recovery.   I don’t recognise, or like how our industry is being characterised (cruise ships, airlines, tech giants needing tax payer bailouts).  For me this is not the bedrock of tourism, or those most in need.  Read his view here.

James Frayne, Director of Public First and author of Meet the People, a guide to moving public opinion, writes on Conservative Home that the country will have to undertake a comprehensive Fairness Audit of the Coronavirus crisis, and sets out five critical issues that must be addressed.
At some point in the not-too-distant future, informally or formally, the country will undertake a comprehensive Fairness Audit of the Coronavirus crisis. Read his view here

Simon Sappers, of Labour Campaign for Human Rights (LCHR), describes how theCovid crisis has brought Social Rights into sharp relief
The ongoing Covid crisis has brought the issue of so-called Social Rights into sharp relief. These rights are to food, housing, health, work and education, and whilst novel in the UK, are not uncommon in other countries.
Read his view here.

Matthew Taylor Royal Society of Arts
The path from crisis
The Covid-19 pandemic is generating momentum for change in many parts of society. But perhaps the biggest shift of all would be an appetite for new leadership. Read his view here

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