Now they must be held to account

December 30, 2020
Harold Goodwin

In today's Telegraph Mark Wallace, Chief Executive of ConservativeHome points to the corrosive way politicians used the EU to avoid their responsibility - now it must end .

Leaving the EU means that politicians must take greater responsibility for their failures. It is no longer sufficient to blame Brussels, with an impotent shrug, or to overlook the damaging Whitehall tendency to gold-plate regulation. Now that they actually have the power to resolve the problems they rail against on migration, or trade, or business red tape, MPs and ministers must actually do so, or explain why not.

Not only is democratic self-government better than the alternatives, but the limits placed upon it by EU membership were corrosive to good faith in our politics. Those who wanted to avoid responsibility had the perfect excuse, and those who wanted to implement change were too often forbidden from doing so

.In taking up new responsibilities, politicians will have to realise that they cannot possibly do everything that everybody wants. They will have to prioritise, and to take sides on major issues where they were previously exempted.

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